Even the store needs to pay attention to the store environment

Even the store needs to pay attention to the store environment

a store environment will have a very big influence on the operation of the store? Many shopkeepers are afraid that they do not attach importance to this aspect, in fact, so that customers can decide to buy cigarettes in your store a lot of factors, on the contrary, to allow customers to decide not to consume more factors in your store.

in particular, high-grade tobacco consumer groups. The success of this group is the most basic feature is that there is a certain economic strength, their environmental requirements are very high, because you can see from the shop retail customer’s attitude toward the customer and the degree of attention to the business.

my home is also the predecessor of the convenience store, because the poor management of the disk I was down to continue operating. However, a good reputation is not built up a day, bad reputation in a long period of time will affect your operating efficiency. Although my house is in the residential area, the district also has many high-end brands of consumers, but the original store almost 30 yuan / pack of cigarettes is not a basic pin.

What is the biggest reason for

? In areas where people’s words, this shop is too dirty, messy shop, shop in front of the counter and dirty clothes, old newspapers, chewing gum and filled the place, and the counter glass bad into several pieces, covered with a transparent plastic, rubber and glass stains on a piece of man, look very uncomfortable.

so, the residents of the district are very few to buy things here, not to raise the stalls of the sale of cigarettes. Since my plate under this shop, the first thing I do is to improve the health of our store, two couples can get used everywhere dirty and messy. The most important is the cigarette to counter finishing in place, the counter for a new glass cabinet, put on a new health pad, every day from shop to shop, from the floor to the ceiling, from the counter to the shelf, I will carefully clean, especially on the counter, what I have not put. Allow consumers to see the counter cigarette.


, because of people’s impression of the original shop is also very poor, "gates of fire, affecting fish pond", people don’t sell off, high-grade cigarette sales did not pick up. At this time, I from the store, go to the store, once see the residents of the district where the import, warmly invite them to the shop to sit and talk a few words, they went to the store, say environmental change than ever how much fresh, the store’s business is beginning to improve. High grade cigarettes are also slowly selling, and now, I store more than 30 yuan of high-grade tobacco sales, accounting for more than 40%, which is not to think before. Moreover, consumers are basically residents of the district.

store location has not changed, the face of large groups of customers has not changed, but the store’s business has been significantly improved. So, no matter what kind of shop, if you want to improve the operation, we need to attach great importance to the store environment

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