A street vendor will learn practical sentence doggerel

A street vendor will learn practical sentence doggerel

many of my friends have had a stall the idea, but also feel unable to start, do not know their own suitable for stall business. In fact, back down the jingle, I believe you will soon learn to stall!

1, the director has to go out, less than a point can not sell.

2, ten dollars is not much, can not go to Hongkong singapore.

3, ten dollars is not too expensive, can not buy refrigerators and freezers.

4, two dollars drizzle, who can afford.

5, a penny goods, spend money bought goods, not to buy it is you!

6, two dollars to buy affordable, the price is not expensive.

7, ten dollars is a small ticket, a packet of cigarettes on the spent.

8, two dollars can not spend, when the family.

9, ten dollars are not used, when you bear.

10, ten dollars is not too small, big eyes pick the best.

11, I’m doing, you look at, see in the eye, the heart is to calculate the economical.

12, ten dollars no white flowers, after every day with him.

13, two dollars is very common, when you buy a pack of chewing gum.

14, do not bargain not bargain, bargain bargain deceit.

15, ten dollars is not expensive, do not have a family meeting.

16, king of kings, calcium in calcium, today who buy ten pieces.

17, ten dollars is not expensive, everyone said good benefits.

18, thirty years of reform and opening up, who did not have the hands of $ten.

19, today only ten yuan, you can benefit from the past 35 years.

20, ten dollars price is not high, do not go home to report.

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