How to manage the supply of online shop

How to manage the supply of online shop

is different from the store, in the end what kind of goods, consumers can contact directly, in the end is good or bad, at a glance. If the quality of the product is not good enough, the selling price will be a little lower. But online shop for consumers to see the picture, which will undoubtedly put forward higher requirements on the supply. Not only need to find a good source, but also need to have a scientific management of these management. So, how to manage the supply of online shop?

sometimes, even higher than the online store shop on the supply requirements, because the online shop, not the facade of the foil, almost more than is the price, to ensure adequate supply of online shop is a very important step. Only perfect purchase channels, in order to ensure the normal operation of online shop. Otherwise, online shop will become empty talk. So, how to manage the supply of online shop? Specifically, you have to clear the following questions:

1: goods to be suitable for online sales.

not all goods are suitable for online sales, shop for goods volume is relatively high requirements, the volume is not too big, convenient transportation, there is a look at the picture on the Internet if can cause customers to buy goods, so this is very suitable for online sales. Secondly, it is best to have a unique or fashion, because online shopping is mostly young people, interested in this area. If you can not buy the goods under the line, it is best, however, such as foreign purchasing.

2: choose the right source

how to find suitable for their own business is the source of all want to shop online entrepreneurs common concern.

(1) directly to the manufacturers purchase. This method is the cheapest, but manufacturers generally do not work with small quantities of customers, unless you can be a lot of goods, it is difficult to find the manufacturers directly.

(2) wholesale market purchase. This is the most commonly used channels shop, the price is not the lowest, but how much you can take, but the wholesale market requires you to have a strong bargaining power, and strive to the wholesale price to the lowest.

(3) to find large wholesalers purchase. Large wholesalers are generally one hand wholesalers, they are generally manufacturers direct supply, supply stability, in addition to the price of the manufacturers is also the lowest, so it can be found in the hands of a wholesaler or very good.

(4) to find just started wholesalers. Because of this kind of wholesaler just started, there is no fixed customers, no visibility. In order to win customers, they can also be a small amount of wholesale, even lower prices. But need to pay attention to its integrity.

(5) looking for special sources >

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