Success is by no means accidental entrepreneurial vision thinking and action

Success is by no means accidental entrepreneurial vision thinking and action

if you have the idea of starting a business, it’s hard to succeed only by imagination, and put it into action. You know, success is not accidental, entrepreneurial vision, thinking and action. Today, we interviewed the characters are successful entrepreneurs after 80 – Liu Zihan, together to listen to how he started a successful business.

from the establishment of the company in 2004 so far, for eight years, he said with a smile, eight years have been the end of the war. He has always insisted on walking on the road of entrepreneurship, he is a successful entrepreneur 80 – Liu Zihan.

"from what are not, to call people to hang, then a little improvement, the company disbanded,   this is indeed a very heart of the process of practice, it is important to."

to break through the traditional tradition;

because at that time most sites are large and portals, vertical segments, professional specific sites rarely, Liu Zihan and his partners believe that this can be used as a breakthrough. At the same time, the Zhengzhou local wedding industry also showed good development trend, the traditional wedding company will open in the shop, and we know that more than a wedding flowers of the demand, not to mention the marriage is a rigid demand, which is a huge crowd, why not do wedding websites? Opportune, nanhunnvjia network is born in such an environment.

confidence has suffered a peaceful break

in his anguish, his teacher told him: if your career setbacks, the only two kinds of reasons, ability and method. At this time Liu Zihan see light suddenly from graduation to now, myself, just don’t stop at work, go forward, never thought your way right. No normal office experience, do not know how to manage, in the operation planning, communication and so on

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