Hot pot store on the election of these ten rest assured

Hot pot store on the election of these ten rest assured

hot pot restaurant business? The brand is very important, in many of the key to winning the Hot pot catering market is whether consumers are familiar with, only the brand is strong enough, consumers can be assured of natural selection, also do not have to worry about the source of the problem later. The following small series to give you a list of China’s top ten brands hot pot franchise.

China’s ten major hot pot franchise: undersea fishing

sea fishing Hot pot was founded in 1994 to operate a large inter provincial direct Sichuan food catering brand Hot pot for ten years, the company has more than and 50 homes in the City outlets, the products have passed HACCP certification, QS certification and ISO international quality management system certification, in February 2010, won the 2010 annual "the most popular 10 best Hot pot shop.

Chinese ten Hot pot stores: Hot pot sipping Xiabu

as the country’s first largest desktop Shabu enterprise, with its unique dining sipping Xiabu form and warm family service out of a Chinese fast food of their own way. Its success lies in the health and nutrition, led by the public to care for the business philosophy, advocating healthy Meiweiyuan in professional quality brand concept, let every customer to enjoy healthy delicacy and fashion, feel comfortable dining atmosphere.

China ten Hot pot stores: TANYOTO

TANYOTO investment Limited by Share Ltd is a "TANYOTO Hot pot as the core product of the company, now Sichuan province is the largest joint-stock catering enterprises, has won the" brand-name enterprises "business Chinese China outstanding franchise brands" national green food enterprises "national top ten well-known restaurant chain" Chinese Hot pot "Chinese restaurant brand award.

China ten Hot pot stores: little sheep

Inner Mongolia Little Sheep Catering Chain Ltd was born in August 1999 in Inner Mongolia city of Baotou, listed in Hongkong in 2008, is the first Chinese brand catering enterprise listed in Hongkong, known as the "China first Hot pot. Has won the "top 100 enterprises," China’s top 500 enterprises, "China’s well-known trademarks, etc..

China’s ten major hot pot franchise: Little Swan hot pot

Chongqing Little Swan

Investment Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd., is a national restaurant chain Chinese globalization development leading international enterprise, founded in 1982, the group chairman of the board of directors Mr. Liao Changguang and MS. He Yongzhi, under the leadership of, always adhere to the "integrity management, innovation and development of the spirit of enterprise, after 22 years of development has become catering service.

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