Decryption Sichuan Dongfeng South 4S shop ABS pulled out of tricky

Decryption Sichuan Dongfeng South 4S shop ABS pulled out of tricky

car as in daily life, our vehicle sales market is more and more widely! However, the car sales so amazing today, there will be pulled out of the ABS phenomenon. So, this hides what trick?

Chen is south of Sichuan Dongfeng Automobile Sales Service Company (hereinafter referred to as Sichuan Dongfeng South) a warehouse, in April 1st, he sent a car to the shop in Guang’an, the territory of high speed to Guang’an, resulting in serious damage to the vehicle bicycle accident occurred, more than 100 thousand car repairs.

4S shop requires Mr. Chen to bear 30% of the total vehicle maintenance costs of $40 thousand. Mr. Chen was not convinced, discovered an amazing Insider: the remote deployment of vehicles, ABS car parts removed, so that the car even opened hundreds of kilometers will not have the mileage. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter survey found that Mr. Chen accident vehicles on the day of the incident (April 1st) over one hundred kilometers mileage, but as of May 19th, the photos show only 11 km mileage.

Chen also exposed, this is not the case, his many times in Mianyang, Guang’an and other places to drive the deployment of vehicles, ABS and other components will be pulled out and does not show mileage, and then set up to reach the destination. Mr. Chen’s argument has been confirmed by a repair shop 4S.

therefore, Mr. Chen also thought to unplug the ABS components will lead to slam the Shashi vehicle braking lock, driving safety, so he only willing to pay the 10000 yuan car repairs.

, however, when the relevant person in charge of the 4S shop for transporting cars and other parts of the process of extracting ABS and other related issues are denied.

unplug ABS and other components will not show mileage and speed

Chen introduced a few years ago, he entered the southern Sichuan Dongfeng security. In March this year, the company adjusted positions, he became a library’s main task is from the tube, is located in Mianyang high tech Zone of the warehouse, sent to the new store is located in South Lake, but gave the car to Deyang and Guang’an. Chen said that in April 1st, he was appointed by the company, will be a new car to the Guang’an shop. When he starts the vehicle, found on the dashboard, speed and fuel consumption will be displayed, but the odometer and speedometer are not displayed.

"although the dashboard display abnormal, but this is normal, because I sent a new car, in order not to show mileage and speed, basically unplug the vehicle ABS and other components." Mr. Chen said, so he did not feel the danger, driving as usual to start.

Mr. Chen, on the morning of 11 pm, he was driving the car at high speed by about 4 kilometers from Guang’an to export, because there is a recommendation

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