nterpol to give up the iron rice bowl entrepreneur said want to do better

nterpol to give up the iron rice bowl entrepreneur said want to do better

for a pension to support small middle-aged men, have a steady job to be able to let the family, but Zhang Bo has resigned from the post of police choose entrepreneurship, home is certainly against, so, he is how to do, how to think?

"the first few days after the resignation, I received many phone calls, receive a lot of messages, WeChat circle of friends as" my pan fried "as friends and colleagues are asking me about this." Zhang Bo said, because a lot of people do not know that he is the initiative to resign, we are from the perspective of concern to ask, a lot of friends and family to understand the specific circumstances, but also to encourage his action.

"son of 5 years old this year, my wife and I feel very is also good, small family is very warm." Zhang Bo told reporters that after graduating from college in 2007, he told his parents that he would not spend a penny in his family. His parents initially recommended him to test the civil service, and in 2008 he successfully passed the Hefei police exam to become a people’s police.

"with the increasingly long time, stable life and work is very good, but one thought in my heart is more and more strong, I want to do better on their own, to achieve more likely, this is the reason for my resignation." Zhang Bo said that the decision to resign after repeated consideration, he will be responsible for their own.

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