Jewelry shop how to do holiday promotion

Jewelry shop how to do holiday promotion

now people’s consumption ability, for a variety of products to increase demand, however, many shops are still no one, let the operator is very anxious, so the promotion will become a lot of shops take the mode of operation. The current competition, the brand dispute, in this era of feudal lords vying for the throne how to change the store promotion, no one? Xiao Bian believes that holiday jewelry store marketing must focus on the following nodes:

first, the analysis of holiday common, customer base, to ensure that the target".

for Thanksgiving, Christmas, new year’s day, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Valentine’s day, these major festivals, the main body of each holiday is different, therefore, the target customer base is different. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s day, the three day the most appeal to young people, so the marketing should be targeted to young people; and the new year and the Spring Festival is a comprehensive festival, the coverage is relatively broad, can be gold and jewelry, jade and other combination of marketing; although the Lantern Festival is a festival however, involves a very narrow, for jewelry marketing, available is not much.

two, the product is the soul of marketing, and then the great marketing will eventually return to the commodity itself. The so-called carrier".

to achieve communication with the minds of consumers, goods are the best carrier. But every festival, all kinds of flagship products should be consistent with the holiday characteristics.

such as diamonds, Valentine’s day, whether it is Chinese or western style, all can do marketing, is injected into the elements of love, is injected into the young culture, this fashion element is the moment can not be replaced.

as "the king of jade jade", is the most Chinese characteristics of jewelry, with its rich cultural heritage, has been favored by the upper class people, such merchandise sales were relatively stable, this part of customers is relatively stable, rarely impulsive buying; so to increase the sales follow up".

Gold Series: in 18 domestic gold jewelry, the jewelry has been a competitive commodity status presented to consumers. Because of its antioxidant capacity is weak, and easy to change color, not as competitive as gold and platinum jewelry, so it can be regarded as a selling point in holiday marketing, and highlight fashion.

and other red, sapphire, not in the festival as the main, should adopt the following strategy, or focus on promotion of too much, easy to cause the dazzling sense of consumers, but not the focus of marketing.

in the goods, we must be clear, during the festival the various businesses have an ample supply of goods, so you want to blaze a new trail from thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, must focus on improving their products "personality, fashion, products >

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