Seven small details determine your chest size ‘s health network

Seven small details determine your chest size ‘s health network

three, free to do a sport

method: the size of the chest depends on the number of breast tissue and fat, the age of 20 to 25 years old women, is the best period of breast development. Therefore, a moderate increase in the amount of fat in the chest, can improve the chest stiffness, is the most natural method of breast health, health. You can do some pushups and single, parallel bars movement; or a day sooner or later a few deep breaths can also promote breast development, in addition to swimming through the water pressure on the chest to massage, helps even well-developed chest, so swimming is also to breast!

3, using the left hand to the right side and bottom of the chest fat to underwear bra dial (don’t stand straight Oh, still maintain a stooped posture set)

5, adjust the shoulder strap, shoulder strap elasticity is about one point of the sliding tightness just.

two, the right to wear underwear

4, also will be left with the right hand side and below the chest fat to underwear bra.

a, to maintain the correct posture

six, breathing is also a learning

2, the body tilted 30-45 degrees, backhand buckle underwear back button.

Methods: using

method: shower to wash shower chest, use warm water, rinse for at least 1 minutes each time, to promote the development of thymus and stimulate blood circulation. This will not only keep clean, but also increase the flexibility of the chest, prevent sagging.

1, the first underwear into the shoulder strap pulled to the shoulder.

Australia 2N V 3DUP breast temptation of high concentration? Gel from up to down, and from the outside to the inside of the right massage. Let the essence of the plant quickly penetrate the epidermis, the special double gold structure to strengthen the deep import, promote breast development, can increase the volume of fat in order to plump chest. Especially in the 5 days after menopause, hormone relatively strong, thymus, cells are more active, then use can often achieve a multiplier effect.

method: exhale Hanxiong, inspiratory chest, alternately 5 times, which can promote the body’s internal circulation system.

method: try to chest, rather than relax the abdomen to make the chest, to maintain the correct posture is not just on the chest, the female body is an effective method for correction of.

five, learn to use breast products

6, after wearing good, hands up, like doing exercise as a move to determine the underwear will not be arbitrary sliding.

four, bath breast massage

: you must know is that your bra can not be too loose or too tight, if the bra is too large, not to support the role of the chest, but too small will hinder the development of the chest, right chest bra size but healthy and plump the first step! The following is the correct way to wear underwear, we can check to see if they do the right?

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