Jiangsu leading enterprises to participate in innovation and Entrepreneurship

Jiangsu leading enterprises to participate in innovation and Entrepreneurship

now the business activities of the whole society has gradually become a national movement, at the same time, there are a lot of people are concerned about entrepreneurship, in some enterprises also actively encourage and promote some excellent employees to do poineering work.

"our studio technology innovation atmosphere, divided into 5 working groups to carry out small inventions, small transformation, small innovations, small, small design" five small "activities, continuous innovation, service first." In August 6th, the provincial labor medal, Huizhi model worker innovative studio led the Funing county power supply company engineer Zhao Yunfeng said. Wise Model Innovation Studio was founded in 2006, 9 years, the studio has cultivated a group of knowledge, technology and creative talents, to obtain a total of 16 national patents, 2 National recognition.

"model is a typical representative of good staff. We want to play a better leading model demonstration role in public entrepreneurship, innovation, encourage more employees to participate in technological innovation, better play the role of trade union organizations and workers in promoting the construction of innovative society in the working class and the main force." City Union president Shen Hongqing said that trade unions in Yancheng since five, the city’s total recommended selection of all levels of the model workers in 784, labor medal 545, labor award 328, workers vanguard 723, creating a model worker innovative studio 151.

in July 21st this year, the Municipal Federation of trade unions and the Municipal Transportation Bureau in the inner urban elevated expressway all participating units to carry out labor competition activities, to mobilize the enthusiasm of construction units and personnel, accelerate the construction of engineering construction, to ensure the realization of the annual target task, early completion of inner ring expressway. Organize the relevant departments to carry out joint union annual ten trades and industries, industry workers occupation skills contest, held more than 2 thousand and 700 sessions a total of about 2300000 people participated in the skills competition, organizational skills training, 800 thousand people participated in the skills training contest,   more than 4600 workers promoted occupation qualification through skill competition.

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