The cafe and Home Furnishing mix double profit

The cafe and Home Furnishing mix double profit

in recent years, drinking coffee is not a foreigner’s patent, large and small cafes in the country more and more, business is good. Opening a coffee shop is a dream for many people. Have you heard of the cafe and the Home Furnishing mix mode of operation? Let’s get together.

window cafe "mix" business Home Furnishing, sales and coffee making indoor decoration is one of the. You can only drink coffee, also can only see furniture, or sit.

"into the store many guests feel very strange, I do not know what this is, or what the business is. There are a lot of home furnishings, the atmosphere of the cafe, but also like to go home." The cafe owner Li Xiaoyan said, because the open cafe, buy for a coffee shop with a sofa, but under their own design to buy cloth, and then find the factory custom, coffee shop opened, customers are very love, started to give the customer the Home Furnishing custom design.

by "mix", make coffee in a more profitable, selling coffee at the same time, if the customer sees a Home Furnishing products, can be bought, coffee shops can achieve double profit. In addition, the "mix" operation will attract more consumers into the store consumption, store coffee business is better.


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