What are the support of brand hot pot rice noodle

What are the support of brand hot pot rice noodle

hot pot noodle business, the general choice of brand stores will be more popular. If people have a high awareness of the brand, then the brand is worth investing in, and many brands will provide a more comprehensive support policy, which is very important for the novice. General brand hot pot rice noodles will provide what support? We can have a rough idea.

1, the site assessment support: headquarters to provide special brand Hot pot noodle "guide" on our site, Hot pot noodle franchisee for accurate and efficient training location, location of the Commissioner to come to assess Hot pot noodle.

2, decoration design support: hot pot rice company professional designers to provide "shop decoration design", while giving you the cost savings of professional guidance and recommendations.

3, system training support: hot pot rice line to provide professional training system, such as store location, management, technology, marketing and other promotional hot pot rice noodle shop core link.

4, opened in store support: Hot pot franchisee opened before the establishment noodle shop in the expatriate director, business support, in accordance with the "open book" preparatory work, guidance and cooperation to complete the opening of the preparatory work.

5, marketing support: the establishment of the head of the hot pot rice company, to support the supervisor in charge of marketing and publicity, the development of the promotion of the implementation of promotional programs and help implement.

6, material distribution support: brand hot pot rice company headquarters unified distribution of core spices and raw materials and VI logo products, to ensure product quality and quality standardization.

7, business management guidance support: hot pot rice headquarters to provide remote management and technical guidance and video training, organization of partner meetings, improve the level of management.

8, logistics and distribution support: hot rice vermicelli to provide the core seasoning distribution, the use of timely and accurate delivery system, protect the time, quality, quantity, provide protection for the continued operation of the store.

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