Shopping malls in the women’s agent business must choose the location of shops

Shopping malls in the women’s agent business must choose the location of shops

needs to pay attention to the field of entrepreneurship can be a lot of knowledge, only on the clothing industry, operating women’s clothing and men’s business is not the same. In contrast, women’s agent is more dependent on the store location than the men’s agent in the market survey found that in Beijing men’s trousers and pants in the mall, the same is pants, trousers area sales is not very dependent on it in the mall location, and shopping malls in the area in the pants position but has a great influence on women’s trousers sales.

store location?

position of hospitality traffic on " is an indisputable fact, however, based on the traffic of women than men, indeed in the sales volume is more dependent on the store location. This is due to the unique characteristics of the female consumer in the clothing industry, enhanced " good location " to enhance the sales volume.


female customers pay more attention to the "feeling" and "position" can give people the feeling of a shopping environment in space. "". For female customers to find, or "equivocate" and many brands are crowded together in the store natural "feel" is not good. Especially in the case of clothing and store decoration is not large, the majority of female customers will feel that only a better brand can occupy a more important position, thus selecting the location of the store better clothing. Conversely, when male customers buy clothes tend to think of the occupation and identity of their own, pay more attention to the taste of the clothing is suitable for them, since not female customers love shopping mall, then to "feel" is not so concerned about the female customers.

in addition, store to recommend

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