The woman in bumps to resolve the health network

The woman in bumps to resolve the health network

5 high fat, high protein diet, edible animals and plants containing hormones feeding.

symptoms of breast hyperplasia mainly breast pain. The first to tour the diffuse pain, tenderness to the outer side and the upper breast obviously, monthly menstrual pain, the pain after diminish or disappear. Severe cases showed persistent pain before and after treatment. Sometimes pain to the axilla, shoulders, back, upper limb and other radiation.

will be divided into breast hyperplasia of breast pain, breast adenosis and fibrocystic breast disease, these three symptoms are basically the same, only the breast pain pain is more obvious. Mastodynia actually does not belong to breast hyperplasia really, also does not increase the risk of breast cancer; "fibrocystic" refers to the breast with mass or nodular breast disease continuous, fibrocystic palpation detection does not increase the risk of breast cancer.

2 breast tissue estrogen Gao Min sensitivity;

traditional medicine thinks, mammary gland increases;

1: ovarian hormone abnormalities, endocrine disorders, resulting in excessive glandular hyperplasia or subinvolution and fibrosis caused by breast pain;

Effect of

breast hyperplasia neither inflammation and non tumor, and the relationship between breast cancer has been the focus of concern in patients with medical workers, it is also a research hotspot. That pattern of invasive breast cancer: a common normal gland ductal hyperplasia, atypical ductal hyperplasia (mild, moderate and severe) stage a ductal carcinoma in situ an infiltrating ductal carcinoma model, but this does not mean that at each stage after the inevitable further development, affected by internal and external the environment may be in a long period.

26 year old Miss Lin, physical examination found that the left breast has a peanut size of the nodules, there is no obvious discomfort, after the diagnosis of hyperplasia of the breast, she was afraid of breast cancer induced by the disease, the heart is very nervous in. Her worry caused the resonance of the other three women in the office, they also have different degrees of breast hyperplasia, including marriage and children, but also unmarried girl.

they are strange: "how do people with breast hyperplasia?" breast hyperplasia is the most common breast disease in women, the incidence of breast disease in the first place. In recent years, the incidence of this disease is increasing year by year, the age is getting younger. According to the survey, about 70% ~ 80% of women have varying degrees of breast hyperplasia, more common in women aged from 25 to 45.


most scholars believe that breast hyperplasia is associated with the following factors:

4 mental stress, irritable mood;

3 obstetrical factors, normal childbirth, breastfeeding is a protection of the breast, and late marriage, infertility, abortion, contraception and other applications will have a negative impact on the breast;

and breast adenosis, especially breast fibrocystic disease, because often accompanied by breast intraductal hyperplastic lesions and benign hyperplasia, it will increase the risk of breast cancer, should pay attention to.

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