Novice shop easily do not say what words

Novice shop easily do not say what words

hand shop, there are many areas are related to the first, so some words still do not say good, especially when you purchase, we take a look at what it is.

"what brand ah?"

what he sign it, say good. Generally a factory has one hundred or two hundred registered brands do not register, clothing is the most lacking is the brand, it is estimated that each year will add five thousand or six thousand brands. Do not expect the brand will bring you sales, because the brand can bring sales costs are more than 100 thousand. Instead, the wholesaler said the brand how to do when you want to refute: our shopping center brand in addition to LV I do not know.

"can send give money after the replenishment of


directly will be driven out. The clothing is rapidly depreciate goods, just 80 yuan clothes a month may be dumped goods, will charge you 80 of your losses, charge you 40 wholesalers losses, so whether United are now off the individual nodes, and large wholesalers do not support credit card, 13 for each layer so many ATM, but also credit card fees, a wholesaler profits is very thin, on the run, so if you don’t like it they will directly drive people out, just like our purchase price of 60 dollars of clothes to 30 customers, I would catch people.

stores to their purchase experience

freight charge?

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