Taobao customer service sales skills

Taobao customer service sales skills

Taobao customer service on the surface it seems to play a role in solving customer queries, in fact, they have a decisive role in store sales performance. So, to master the relevant sales skills, the operation of the Taobao store will naturally have a very big help. However, a lot of Taobao customer service because they do not grasp the relevant skills, resulting in the store can not improve performance. So, Taobao customer service what sales skills?

Many people think that Taobao

, online customer service is mainly responsible for the customer with typing chat, but sales service is not an easy task, not only the customer and chat on the line, Xiao Bian just came into contact with Taobao, but also feel like this.

but after a period of understanding, coupled with the exchange of some buyers, Xiao Bian think sales actually want to learn a lot of skills, the ultimate goal is to chat through the order. Combined with practical experience, as well as from all aspects to hear, learn some methods and techniques, and we talk about how to do a good job in sales customer service, teach you some skills, you may be helpful!

1, the assumption of sales techniques

when customers are willing to buy goods, but also when we can not make up their minds, we can try "two choose one" skills. For example, we can say to the customer, "would you like the light grey sweater or pure white?" Or say: "is it sent to your hand or help you forward?". Such driven questioning skills, let the customer face is one of the two elections, but in fact you help him with the idea, to urge customers to purchase.


sales location method

there are a lot of customers even if the goods, will not immediately orders, customers always like to see, in the product color, specifications, style, delivery date kept asking. At this time, we need to slightly change the sales strategy, we will order the question behind, then according to the color of the goods, specifications, style, delivery date, eager to help the customer to answer and solve these problems, on the implementation of the natural order.

3, clever use of "buy" psychological

most customers have a kind of psychology, that is, the more they can not get the goods they want to buy it, buy it. We can make use of the customer’s "buy" mentality to make orders. For example, we can say to the customer: "pro, the baby is only the last one, the short term will no longer purchase, if you do not have no orders." Or say: "Hello, today is the last 12 hours of baby discount, please do not miss the opportunity, you will not be able to buy this price tomorrow."

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