Woman 5 symptoms indicate a problem female health network

Woman 5 symptoms indicate a problem female health network

if your vulva is red, itchy, you may suffer from genital dermatitis, which is a kind of allergic reaction, the source can be anything, from the shower gel to chemical fiber underwear.

bad smell will be especially serious in the menstrual period or after sex, if you use tampons for more than 8 hours, will also appear thick smell. Therefore, the use must follow the recommended time.

Another reason for the itching of the

5, burning

2, bad smell

can cause skin thinning in these areas, tear more easily, and sometimes cause scarring. Therefore, timely diagnosis and treatment is essential. As a result of the development of vulvar lichen sclerosis can cause genital deformities, sexual pain and dysuria.

normal secretion of women is white, sticky, odorless, but the pathological secretions are also very common: such as lumpy, yellow, with blood, smell…… These are pathological secretions, should be found immediately seek medical treatment, identify the situation.

rash may also be a sign of herpes, an infectious disease that occurs in the market, usually with a tingling sensation, and then a small red or white blister.

3, bleeding

if you usually feel bad or sour, it is a sign of bacterial vaginosis, bacterial overgrowth is common inflammation caused by vagina.

genital herpes can also be infected, the most direct way of transmission is sexual life. So, if you find yourself or your partner has herpes, it should avoid intercourse, and see the doctor as soon as possible.

4, itchy rash

if you have a high frequency of urination and pain, bacterial urinary tract infections may be the culprit.

, in rare cases, has a burning sensation of the vulva;

1, vaginal secretions

women’s genitals is not calm, more or less there will be some problems, such as oxygen, leucorrhea, leucorrhea yellow, smell and so on, some problems can be ignored, but some problems but indicates that the body disease, so must not be careless.

but if you usually do not have this phenomenon, and will appear when sex, which is a sign of cervical problems.

some common diseases can also cause vaginal bleeding: HPV infection, the early stage of cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, uterine fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease or ectopic pregnancy.

is a vulvar lichen, a rare skin problem that presents white in most areas of the vulva and anus.

menopause or hormonal imbalance can cause uterine bleeding and tissue loss, and a drop of bleeding. If you are using a birth control pill that is not compatible with your body, there may be a mild bleeding. If you use a placebo, it may cause the endometrium to fall off during the period.

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