Grilled wings can really be up to several million

Grilled wings can really be up to several million

in the current numerous investment projects, grilled wings is also a very attractive business opportunities. A variety of related publicity too many to count earning a few million, is a piece of cake. So, grilled wings can really be up to several million? Let’s get to know each other.

"thousand" roast wings, a seemingly popular venture, grilled wings join advertising on the Internet a lot of TV ads also meet the eye everywhere, don’t stop playing the "thousand" shop hot scenes, so that the majority of entrepreneurs heart, almost immediately, immediately want to throw into this one like money in projects. But first, wait a minute!

is currently a lot of baked wings franchise, but still not reduce investment advertising. Dozens of brands have a very attractive reason.

first, the investment is small, fast, technical threshold at the end of the investment will be able to open a million yuan brand stores, one or two months will be able to recover the investment. Grilled wings technology will be able to learn in a few days, standardized and mature production process, does not require the operator has a professional culinary skills.

second, the product is good, the demand is big, the profit is high. The secret recipe of roasted wings is suitable for the taste of the people around the country, and it is more delicious than the New Orleans roast wings of kfc. Each cost less than one yuan, the sales price can reach four or five yuan.

In addition,

joined the headquarters also provides dishes, fruits and staple foods and other rich operating varieties. Sales every day to reach six 200-300 wings, every day, up to about 450. Only a day to roast a wing of the content of the profits generally around 200-500 yuan, the peak of up to 600 yuan. Coupled with the sale of ancillary species, the profit of nearly one thousand yuan a day, the monthly profit of up to several million.

grilled wings joined the project truth:

brand confusion, meager profit

today’s grilled wings to join the brand is not less than more than and 30, brand name, store image, a high degree of similarity in the promotion model. Disorderly promotion, so that the market is quite chaotic baked wings. In order to highlight their own, mostly through the headquarters to join the hype to enhance awareness. Stir fry, fry, fry, etc..

but according to the Chinese fast food Association experts said that at present a lot of grilled wings to join their own business without food and beverage business experience, low quality of technical personnel. There is only one, the high price of 10000 yuan to sell the so-called high-quality brand franchise fees and simple equipment. In fact, many brands do not have market value, and some even do not register.

recipe no secret at all, the problem material exposure

baked wings joined the so-called propaganda

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