What are the skills of the store selection

What are the skills of the store selection

want to invest in billing, we must first find a good store, but find a store is not an easy thing. How to choose to have a successful business or hot store? What are the skills in the store, let us follow the whole network Xiaobian a look together.


see store locations Dianzhi district scale

entrepreneurs in the study of the scale of business should pay attention to their own property, from the commercial scale, because modern shopping malls have gradually to the "big business direction" development, so large scale can lead to big businessmen in, but also to facilitate businesses in the business and industry state choice do it.

observation business district

Considering the price of

so, in the purchase of commercial property, the average price of the average price of commercial housing compared with nearby, if the ratio is more than 8, while the market price of commercial property may have been one step, the future appreciation of space will be very limited (unless the shops in the future business activities can bring legal or in fact, the monopoly profits) if the ratio at the end of the 6, without considering other conditions, the shops investment value may be undervalued by the market and have a certain appreciation of space.

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