Micro entrepreneurs on the fingertips WeChat micro blog marketing

Micro entrepreneurs on the fingertips WeChat micro blog marketing

micro entrepreneurship refers to the small cost of entrepreneurship. With the development of Internet interaction, micro entrepreneurship has been fully expanded on the network platform, micro-blog WeChat as the most popular social network, but also from the exchange tool gradually become a platform for entrepreneurship.

on an open platform, to the most simple and most direct to the core competence into value, called "micro entrepreneurs". A person, can also be a company, small is also very strong.   micro entrepreneurs who advocate equality, freedom, self struggle of the core values, mutual cooperation, mutual encouragement, mutual competition, to create their own great wealth. Network is an important carrier of "micro entrepreneurship", which is a useful exploration and attempt for those who are interested in starting a business. This is not the only one reason for them, but there is a common reason, are directed network shop small investment and quick results. And its main characteristic is the reproducibility and less investment, small investment, quick effect, mass reproduction or development, mainly in the network as the launch platform for combining with the actual carrier entity.


for entrepreneurs, micro-blog, WeChat really no threshold? The results of a survey showed that 20 of the micro entrepreneurs in the micro entrepreneurs who believe that there are barriers to the threshold of entrepreneurship, of which 20% of entrepreneurs believe that the threshold is even higher than the threshold of micro entrepreneurship threshold higher than the traditional line of business.

for network marketing tasksThe

the specific mode of operation is: by a need for micro-blog marketing task publisher (known as the main task, referred to as head), website on specific tasks for publishing tasks and provide content and links to micro-blog, indicating the tasks of price. Interested in the task of the user can undertake tasks, in accordance with the requirements of the main forwarding, comments, will be linked to the results of the task and screenshots sent to the master, the master will be issued after the payment of compensation".

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