Sell facet can also guide million venture expert entrepreneurial experience

Sell facet can also guide million venture expert entrepreneurial experience

in life, often there will be some people with entrepreneurial cattle to their own practical actions to tell us a truth: This is some small projects are likely to achieve greater gains, of course, the premise is to small entrepreneurs who have an entrepreneurial vision and rich, is the first step to success.

Chongqing panbdeng and small team developed the boxed "pick facet", officially launched in February this year Taobao, the first day of sales over a thousand copies.

+ + on the Internet under the background of Chongqing small noodles are also added to the O2O wave, and even attracted the favor of venture capital. Yesterday, a group of Chongqing chowhound developed "boxed Chongqing small noodles pick facet to get 10 million yuan investment fund which is the essence of honesty, for the first time VCs Chongqing small noodles. Reporters found that many stores are selling Chongqing small noodles seasoning, but the noodles and ingredients packaged boxed sales is not small. In the Taobao online business, the best Chongqing small noodles seasonings shop, monthly sales even reach more than 5 thousand bags, monthly sales of more than $70 thousand.


"to make similar small instant noodles are easy, but to ensure that it is a big challenge." Panden said, general Chongqing small noodles are made of alkaline water, alkaline water but not easy to save, not suitable for a small box. To this end, they visited the more than and 10 plane factory, where dozens of Ganmian master, breaking the traditional business process, finally found not add any preservatives, ginkgo egg noodles instead of alkali water taste.

in February this year, officially launched in the Taobao store to choose small, on the first day sales of more than one thousand. Some consumers buy a box of 20, which let us have confidence." Pan said.

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