Wine agents need to master the right skills

Wine agents need to master the right skills

many people choose wine agent. Agents need a good way to identify the right skills, agents have more advantages, more profitable, wine sales in the market is very good. It is also a good choice to invest in a wine shop. If you want to be successful, investors can’t get the necessary way. May wish to look at the specific introduction of the article!

New Wine for promotion, a good time in a month after the listing of the new. Choose this time there are two reasons for the promotion, if the new wine market is very small sales since a month, then the purpose of the promotion is to allow the expansion of the market, the price can not be loosened. If the sale of new products after a month is not satisfactory, then the promotion is a good opportunity to increase sales. The new Wine listed, the first stage is to promote the focus of promotional attempts to buy, if you do not have a proper promotion opportunity, may make Wine new sales difficult to cross the threshold of the listing, the listing will be ended in failure.

the growth period Wine promotions agency. After the successful listing can not all Wine, entered a rapid growth, some can not further growth of the Wine, will be a large number of stranded in the Wine agency inventory, occupy the store large amounts of resources. At this time the manager’s job is to Wine agent within a week of customer visit and observation, to see if consumers encounter promotions, will buy this, and make corresponding promotion plan timely according to their investigation.

if agency in the promotion, the store is very popular but when sales are not very high, so the operator requires every Wine agency in the promotion, and summarize the experience, find a more suitable method for local promotion, attract more customers into the store consumption. Generally in the mature wine agent has a characteristic, is selling hot, this time in order to continue to consolidate the existing consumer groups, can also choose to promote. At the same time, can also promote the use of additional interest, to attract other non mature Wine random consumption, marginal consumption, promotion to compensate for the losses, ensure the maturity Wine can run stably at a higher sales platform.


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