What Meng Fei facet can join join conditions

What Meng Fei facet can join join conditions

each to a strange place, where there will be more representative of the local delicacy project, for example, Chongqing has a small, Hot pot. Wuhan, Yunnan hot and dry noodles noodle etc.. In Chongqing heart, facet position is like the boiled salted duck in Nanjing, ifheavier. The first day of a lot of people are starting from a bowl of noodle, sowing China like on the tongue, don’t exaggerate!

in the morning, the small restaurant out of curl aroma, let this mountain stands in the city, there is more to the breath. Early morning commuters, carrying a pole of the "bang bang", a taxi driver, always on the move travelers casually sitting in the streets, alleys, beach under the hula noodle shop, eat a bowl of noodles, the mouth heart is fun, did not eat Chongqing small noodles people simply couldn’t imagine. A bowl of noodle into Chongqing, the taste of life, also hidden many people grief at separation and joy in union life story.

a bowl of Chongqing small noodles in condiments, a majestic and grand world of jina. For example, the best ingredients of ginger, ginger, peeled first, cut grain, or partial taste bitter. To use water garlic, mashed garlic or garlic can not be directly used, the fragrance will cover the fragrance. The garlic chopped pound fine, into the soup, garlic made of water. This is less a dozen more than 20 kinds of spices in different proportions in the bowl, not pick, has been swamped with a small bowl. Eat noodles, sometimes eat the condiments, condiments, sometimes is the soul of the taste. For example, pepper production, one or two inches long, the smell of incense and micro choke, spicy, bright red chili is preferred, stir fry dried in the wok, after cooling into stone concave, and then gavel ramming, refined oil, pepper soul, in Chongqing small noodles, get the most carefree release.

2013, Jiangsu TV host Meng Fei "" If You Are The One on micro-blog wrote: "I have a dream: an authentic Chongqing restaurant near my home, can put seven or eight tables that only sell a Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce facet, summer. Two purposes: first, let life to eat the taste of home in Nanjing Chongqing; two, eat their own."

The Meng Fei

facet can join? What are the conditions to join Meng Fei small


1, more than two Bay facade (60-250 square meters), one kilometer around, no company stores.

2, the location of commercial street, University, food street, (near the mall, near KFC), large residential areas and densely populated areas.

Of course, Meng Fei

facet can join, if you meet the above conditions please join our website in the message below, we will have dedicated staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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