2013 graduates do

2013 graduates do

2013 is known as "the history of the most difficult graduation season", then, 13 years of fresh students should go from here? Enter the examination team, or Trekker? 2013 graduates go from here? With the small series together to look at the recommendations given by the relevant people!

to face the prospect of employment

is mostly graduates choose employment. Active or passive, they have to make a choice.

after graduation to talk about Lv Chao, some confusion. He majored in Arts and crafts, but he did not know how to work the look: "the job is certainly not easy to find, and I am a college degree, is not dominant." In May, Lv Chao went to the talent market and recruitment website recruitment information, unfortunately did not find suitable jobs, but in the eyes of Lv Chao, a recruitment company 1800 yuan of probation salary is relatively low: "listen to those seniors who work in Zhengzhou say life is not easy, but life is still the basic to protect some of the work, the salary is too low."

Quxianjiuguo – section

2013 graduates should go from here? Xiaowen said he choose to grind Quxianjiuguo, temporarily avoid the employment pressure, but also enhance their professional ability, look forward to 3 years after the successful employment.

2013 Kasetsart University Department of biology graduates are now preparing for the graduation thesis. Two months later, she will continue her career as a student, graduate to Wuhan. According to her introduction, in the beginning of the fourth class, the 7 students in the dormitory have made a decision: one to go abroad, and the remaining 6 per capita choice. "I was in this atmosphere and we choose to study together. Because I don’t know what I can do after graduation. If I succeed, I can stay in school for another 3 years." In fact, she admitted that Xiaowen is an escape from reality, do not want to face the graduation, employment.

in the small view, one has two advantages: one can avoid the workforce, to graduate students as a haven; two is that she will add to their future job to get a master’s degree. It has some small helpless: "our professional but no more use to do the experiment, after reading postgraduate, relative should be easy to find a job for some."

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