How to promote industrial transformation in Dazhou

How to promote industrial transformation in Dazhou

in the process of rapid economic development, when the development reaches a certain stage, it will produce a series of bottlenecks. In order to continue to promote the effective development of economy, Dazhou actively promote industrial restructuring. Since this year, Dazhou city investment leveraging industry actively planning to promote transformation, here we look at the specific measures taken.

one is to develop goals, lay a solid foundation. According to the "chain complement chainlinking" ideas, the preparation of development planning of the city industrial cluster, develop key industry development policy of fine chemicals, new materials, machinery and other automotive industry chain development, promote industrial clusters together, and the annual introduction of more than 500 million yuan and investment cooperation projects 50.

two is the focus of the focus, lock the faucet". The implementation of the main responsibility to promote the city leaders bag more than 1 billion yuan of investment projects by counties and departments, focus on cluster investment micro glass fiber, fine chemicals, new materials and other projects, and strive for the year signing a number of industrial projects, implementation in place of foreign capital 33 billion yuan.

three is the upper and lower linkage, forming force. In the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Bohai and other key target area, by the city and county leaders and relevant leaders personally led the launch of a point to point to, a precise promotion. Clear around the industrial function division, seize the chance for provincial and municipal major activities will be organized platform of intelligent manufacturing, new materials, electronic information industry investment project promotion, effectively promote the construction of industrial parks.

four is to do excellent environment, create atmosphere. To support the implementation of various policy measures, Sichuan business development of key business home, coordinate to solve the key problems in the process of landing the project attract and difficulties, with a typical demonstration effect, to create a good investment environment of "taking" Pro business atmosphere.

return through the above we can see that in Dazhou promote industrial restructuring, the main measures are: Leveraging industry investment. Specific measures include four aspects: setting goals, to lay a solid foundation, focusing on key lock, "leading", vertical linkage, resultant force and excellent environment to create atmosphere, and hope that these measures can effectively promote the successful industrial restructuring.

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