Breast deformation The culprit is a bad posture and health network female underwear

Breast deformation The culprit is a bad posture and health network female underwear


is about nine to thirteen years old little girl began to develop, a high concentration of estrogen, so breast feel mild pain, until menstruation came after the pain will disappear naturally.

girls in certain periods of time, breast pain is normal

Since There are many reasons for

breast pain, most of which are related to the swelling of the breast tissue during the menstrual cycle. Because the menstrual cycle hormonal changes, a large number of estrogen and progesterone into the breast, so that the breast tissue becomes larger, at this time the nerve fibers on the breast will be caused by pulling pain. Most of the swelling of the breast tissue is uncomfortable, and does not require too much treatment. Next, we enumerate the women in their lives, each period may encounter breast pain during the period of reference.

every time the menstrual cycle is pregnant in order to prepare the phenomenon, so before menstruation, female estrogen increased so that pregnant women can expect fetal stability, of course it will make the breast hyperplasia and breast tissue edema, when women have breast tenderness or swelling, hard feeling, as long as the menstrual cycle after the pain will disappear naturally.

in mammals, the breast represents a symbol of motherhood, the main function is to nurture the next generation. With the development of civilization, the breast has become the standard of choosing spouse and aesthetic evaluation. But usually clearly well, why occasionally or pain? Otherwise, it is because of the wrong way to treat it and how to do it?

weeks of pregnancy, estrogen, pregnancy


this is the only way which must be passed a female friend’s life, but not everyone well. The road, occasionally there will be bumps test you, such as the common urinary physiology period is not the law, there may be serious problems; habitual abortion, abnormal bleeding, malignant tumor…… And so on, will cause great harm to life safety. What happens most women are just too shy, dare to be good friends with girlfriends, until only isolated and helpless seek professional assistance, and delayed healing results often make small stones originally on the road, have to climb the mountains into. This book is a guide for your journey like women, through professional doctor Qiu Siyuan point to remind all women, problems may be encountered along the way, to achieve understanding of minor ailments, for prevention of illness. Once the situation appeared to take a detour, or seek early road rescue, so that each beautiful traveller can safely smoothly arrived at the end point.

entered puberty, female body began a period of extraordinary journey. The first breast development, gradually period started regular visits; adults, both physically and mentally mature, to nurture the next generation to prepare; then when the egg is fertilized with in utero is growing, big belly up day by day, until the birth of a child, nurturing the next generation; finally, with age, good friends gradually not to visit, it was found that the trip is not easy to say the fantasy trip will be towards the end point.


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