Juvenile sudden silence or long locked in the home

Juvenile sudden silence or long locked in the home

family misfortune is the biggest harm to children, so parents need to pay attention to children’s physical and mental health. Recently, there is a sudden silence of young children, the mother recalled that may be an unfortunate incident caused by a child!

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14 year old Bingbing suddenly refused to speak, what things are imitation brother, judge the doctor got mutism".

14 year old mother and brother, Bingbing living in Baiyun District Hongxing Village of Guangzhou City, from the beginning of last autumn, he suddenly began to speak, not with others including mother close, no matter what things are imitation brother, eating, bathing, sleeping and toilet…… Baiyun psychological hospital diagnosed him as silent". His mother reluctantly said: "his father died when he was 5 years old, brought against his spirit, then I raise two children alone, I go out to work to put them locked in the house, come down for a long time may lead to his mental problems."

Bingbing with his brother and brother are inseparable, behavior. When a reporter interviewed their mother, his looks very uncomfortable, he turned not to let reporters to take pictures, leave my brother after he started some anxiety, surrounded by a car.

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