Summer cup big thorn speed practice proud breast health net

Summer cup big thorn speed practice proud breast health net

setp3  the use of fingertips in the chest to do the details of the kneading action to stimulate the thymus and lymph glands, to be careful to do the whole of the kneading action oh.

key: to let the chest up up, may wish to stimulate the thymus by massage, promote female hormone secretion, so that the fat around the chest.

setp1  press in the armpit and nipple with high day valley point, about 3 times each, press this acupuncture can promote breast lymph gland smooth.

setp4  hand from the armpit to the chest, about 10 times the left and right sides, the armpit excess fat back to the chest.

setp4  use the hand from his arm up to the chest position, about 20 times each, because the armpit lymph gland is concentrated, can relax the lymph glands, and excess fat by massage to the chest.

key: don’t think a proud Wai do not need massage for the roaring waves women, to maintain chest stretch.

small chest massage technique

large chest breast

setp3  the hands will hold the chest, like a chest type adjustment, the chest up, from the inside out massage 10 times.

setp2  first with the left hand in the right chest. To find the location of the pectoralis major, in order to draw a circle from the inside to do massage, and then change the other side, the left and right to do 3 times.

the most attention is the breast massage, while the chest size and different breast types are not the same way. How to rely on the MM small chest massage rushed to upgrade, and keep on chest MM what a proud S curve, we analyze the detailed steps.

setp5  hands from bottom up on the chest, and then from the inside to the outside is divided into 3 position upwards of 3 times, 3 times of both sides of the repeat.

step1  with the middle finger of both hands and the fingers of the finger, pressing the altar can help promote the secretion and activation of female hormones.

setp2  the right hand moves to the lower left breast, right breast above the hand will then move upwards, then reverse direction as well as the operation, around the turn to draw 8 – feeling back and forth to do 10 times.

setp5  double single hand, the other hand from the inside of the arm massage to the armpit, according to the other side, the purpose of this movement, but also to the two arm armpit fat concentration to the chest, left and right to do 20 times.

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