Entrepreneurial choice to join or original

Entrepreneurial choice to join or original

venture industry has joined many successful cases, there are successful start empty-handed, entrepreneurship has become a kind of fashion, everyone wants to make money. And the first choice is to start in the business is to join in the end is good or independent business is good?

and in the initial stage, many investors have this kind of confusion, I am looking for a famous brand have been made to join it, or in accordance with their own ideas in a step by step development? Choose the former, can avoid many troubles on the road of entrepreneurship, business ideas, including the decor, brand promotion and other trivial things need not to himself, but the drawback is that require a small fee; not in accordance with their own ideas to carry out business; risk chain alliance deceived.

and the choice of the latter, may reduce the cost a lot, but a series of things you need to take care of, the power is weak. We choose an entrepreneurial perspective to get into today’s theme.

in the capital, he is relatively abundant, management experience, had a private coffee shop manager assistant, so on this line in the management business more familiar. Now he is hesitant to place: the name of the brand is suitable for high investment? Or less investment, start from an early age, and gradually develop their own brand?

original, this can become an independent school, reflect the operators personality. Dig a little money, take refuge in the giant, to share the brand of gold, is reflected in the union is safe and solid. The length of each, so I can not choose, so here to put the two programs in the following, please staff, take the idea.

"SPRCOFFEE" brand, headquartered in Canada, Vancouver, the establishment of a few years, all over the world have built hundreds of stores.

the chain form is a set of coffee and Western-style food as one of the leisure business club, belong to the type of high grade. In his words, the coffee culture and art combined with soft commodities, more than 1000 kinds of aesthetic art goods out of the one and only beautiful coffee culture and leisure space, to create a global coffee leisure market profit model.

Of course, it joined the

background operation table recommended

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