Hefei will build entrepreneurial dream factory

Hefei will build entrepreneurial dream factory

this kind of popular in today’s era of entrepreneurship, Hefei plans to build entrepreneurial DreamWorks, provide a business place for the majority of entrepreneurs, which is also warmly welcomed by many local entrepreneurs.

"national double week" will begin in 19 days, as the country’s 7 branch field of Hefei, already ready. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Shushan area, as one of the country’s largest venue, entrepreneurial community 18 will be the dark horse will be set up in Hefei branch, the second dark horse (Hefei) Investment Forum will also debut at the same time, many domestic well-known angel investors will be at the scene to guide entrepreneurial projects, boost the rapid development of Hefei "dark horse" enterprises.

"dark horse association in Hefei will host the inaugural ceremony on October 18th, at present, the dark horse Hefei branch has gathered more than and 150 member enterprises, including chicken and other fellow local well-known enterprises, Anhui is the largest business community." Hefei black horse Preparatory Committee will be responsible for the introduction of innovative enterprises is the most important group of dark horse club services.



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