nnovative entrepreneurial wealth challenge

nnovative entrepreneurial wealth challenge

venture brings new thinking is brought about by creativity, but also the wisdom of young entrepreneurs at the moment, this is definitely an entrepreneurial brain burn contest, it is worth more entrepreneurs to participate.

"innovative entrepreneurial wealth" challenge will be for a period of two months, this is the first game in the future will be held annually. "Innovative entrepreneurial wealth" challenge is designed to guide students to professional learning and entrepreneurial practice, explore and develop outstanding entrepreneurial projects, create a campus atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The college enterprise

"to start, you must learn to innovation, this game just gave us the opportunity to learn." Competition student Xiao Shi said: "to participate in this competition is equivalent to the school for us to start a business course, in particular, some entrepreneurial thinking, industry analysis and business models will be trained in the game."

"I majored in business management professional, slightly not involved in management and marketing, so I want to take part in this game, you can learn." Li students in the audience are taking the game to see the details of the data, his professional courses have learned financial management, business strategy, financial theory and practice, etc., are now waiting to apply knowledge to practice.

held during the contest, also speak held "Entrepreneurship Forum" and "entrepreneurial Salon", "global entrepreneurship", "entrepreneurial alumni forum" and other rich and colorful entrepreneurial activities.

competition on the day of the ceremony, the school and the school enterprise cooperation to build units Beijing Zhengbao Yucai Education Polytron Technologies Inc jointly held the inaugural ceremony of entrepreneurship. Beijing Zhengbao Yucai Education Polytron Technologies Inc to provide entrepreneurship teachers training, teaching material development, entrepreneurship support entrepreneurship incubator project, cooperation projects and research for the school.


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