Top ten brands of household appliances

Top ten brands of household appliances

now the perfect home life can not be separated from all kinds of household electrical appliances, but also because of the great demand on the market, so that the home appliance market is more and more broad, the brand is more and more. In short, after thirty years of development, China appliance has grown into a world-renowned brand, from the original date of purchase have now converted to domestic brands their king, so now China electrical appliances product pattern is what look like? Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the ten major brands of home appliances for everyone to better buy according to the brand.

home appliance brands list of the top ten Haier NO.1 (Haier)

Haier home appliances have been in the market to occupy a larger market share, especially white goods, small household appliances market. At present, Haier has a considerable accumulation in intelligent Home Furnishing, network appliances, digital and large scale integrated circuits and new materials technology; in the patent and independent intellectual property rights on a more solid precipitation; at the same time, many countries also participated in the formulation of standards for home appliances. There is no denying that the Haier group has been developing steadily under the guidance of the famous brand strategy established by Zhang Ruimin. Entrepreneurship more than and 20 years of hard work, so that Haier brand is not only well-known in China, but also to enhance the visibility of the world.

ten home appliance brands NO.2 GREE (Gree)

from "good air-conditioning, GREE made", to master the core technology, to make the sky more blue, more green earth "," life changing technology, the support of GREE came to be a long and arduous road of innovation. Disruptive technology innovation breakthrough, not only the achievements of GREE’s own leadership in China and the global air conditioning industry, but also rewrite the history of the air conditioning industry a century.

home appliance brands of the top ten NO.3 group (Midea)

group is a comprehensive enterprise integrated production based, owns a little swan, wheeling, Hualing, ande, Meizhi ten brands. In the wave of the Internet, the United States to join hands millet, smart home and its ecological chain, mobile Internet business cooperation. Fang Hongbo took the baton of hexiangjian, the existing organizational structure of –789,7 platform, 8 functions, 9 division, the core idea is the transformation of the organization to the center, to the authority, to bureaucracy.

home appliances ten brands NO.4 music (Letv)

as the music is not sold a TV, is the output of their ecosystem. Competition in the television industry has evolved to fight the software, fight the ecological stage, not only when the TV as the hardware, the smart become furnishings. Many traditional manufacturers in the mocking music such as the Internet play >

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