Answer the 5 sensitive issues about breast health net

Answer the 5 sensitive issues about breast health net

breast pain is not a disease? The breast that does not ache must be healthy?

experts answer questions:

breastfeeding not only does not affect the mother’s body shape, but also consume energy accumulated during pregnancy, promote maternal postpartum body recovery. Cause changes in the breast, not breast-feeding, but pregnancy itself. Women’s hormones during pregnancy make breasts more plump than before, the skin stretched taut. Breast feeding newborns, and did not change the physiological structure of the breast tissue, but only a reflection of the role of some of the breast regulation, on the contrary, breast-feeding will make the breast more plump.

is a common disease in breast surgery. If it is found at the beginning of a very small do not care about it, experts suggest that female friends for three months or six months to review once, usually try not to touch or press the breast.

therefore, as long as the day more attention to breast care, do not worry about breast sagging or smaller problems, and lactation is a good way to recover after birth. The breast itself has no muscle support, in lactation, need support bra cup size, to be able to cover the entire breast, breast milk does not make too bulging, timely suction breast, every hand massage breast to increase breast elasticity and toughness.

breast hyperplasia is a very common disease, the disease is mainly based on hormones in the body, especially young women in the hormone levels are changed with the menstrual cycle changes.

is the disease serious? Do you need treatment for mild hyperplasia of the breast? Why do more and more women have breast disease?

users letter:

breastfeeding on the impact of different views of the chest, some people say breast sagging breasts? Some people say that lactation is more conducive to postpartum body recovery? In the end what kind of argument is more scientific basis?

during pregnancy and lactation after hormone gradually restored to pre pregnancy levels, changes in the mothers breast also change in different degrees. Some people return to their original size, some larger than before, and some smaller than before. Breast ptosis or not with the number of pregnancy, personal fitness, age. Between nurse feeding and breast deformation relationship very little. The nurse if wearing the right bra cotton, after weaning breast will be restored to the original shape. Only when breast-feeding stopped, inappropriate or not pay attention to breast care, it is possible to have breast sagging phenomenon, so that breastfeeding itself does not affect the breast sagging.

breast pain due to physiological changes in the breast or breast benign diseases accounted for the majority, but the postmenopausal women with breast pain should be vigilant. Because of this age women are no longer appear periodic physiological breast pain.

I am female, 26 years old, unmarried, some time ago the medical unit, do chest line inspection when a lot of female colleagues including myself have breast hyperplasia, so we are beginning to worry anxious and fearful, is a precursor of breast cancer, and some suspect will be caused by long-term work, I would like to ask the experts:

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