How to join Ma Yutao Malatang

How to join Ma Yutao Malatang

you love spicy? Do you think this spicy snacks taste, you have to open a hot spicy snack? The Xiaobian together to find out the spicy snack items! Spicy delicacy originated from inside to the Three Gorges, trackers in the tow more than a few stones in the river, picked up a jar, scoop, scoop up a few river, the firewood fire, add the vegetables in the pot, no vegetables from local materials, pull a few wild herbs, hot pepper, pepper and other spices into, Shabu eat, eat after taste of beauty is not available, can eat, can be cold, dampness; easy cooking custom in the river followed. This is the origin of malatang. After carefully modulated now become All the world knows. malatang.

to join Ma Yutao Malatang

Ma Malatang founder Mr. Ma Yutao, through careful study of the Mala Mala, generally only pay attention to hemp, spicy, do not pay attention to nutrition and regional local tastes, after his study found too spicy easily hurt the stomach, spleen, dry mouth, easy to get angry. Create a special to eat and not spicy taste and health, Markov Malatang is more suitable for the taste of the northeast.

Ma Yutao Malatang procedure:

1, consulting: free phone for you to answer all kinds of questions, explain the joining process

2, site selection: to help franchisees location, recommended shop location, do a good job in market evaluation and budget

3, join: mutual recognition after signing the contract

4, decoration: to provide the franchisee with targeted interior decoration design and store layout program

5, training: to provide technical, operational, management, consumer communication, service, promotion and other training content

6, opening: according to the local market conditions to join the body to create a professional sales program to ensure that the high popularity of

join requirements:

(1) hardware requirements

1, the use of the store area of at least 50 square meters.

2, the store is located in the downtown area of mature business circle, or a larger community, schools, hospitals nearby.

3, the store should have the basic functional areas and facilities, warehouses, toilets, water, smoke, etc..

4, the store choice should pay attention to within a radius of 400 meters, there can be no Ma Yutao >

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