How about opening a pet shop

How about opening a pet shop

pet shop in our lives more and more common, the development prospects of this industry is very promising, if you also see good business opportunities, then to understand how much money to invest in a pet shop? What needs to be prepared? Xiaobian finishing the relevant information, I hope to help you.

investment quota: 80 thousand ~ 250 thousand yuan

project advantage

people are no longer satisfied with the life of food and clothing, but more need to find the joy of life, emotional sustenance, spiritual comfort. With the rapid development of the city, this demand will become more intense, and pet store market potential.

suitable for crowd

a group of caring people, including children and adolescents, white-collar workers, elderly people living alone.

business model

1, pet clothing, pet food; 2; 3, 4, rental in pet nest; pets; 5, 6, pet foster pet; consulting room; 7, the sale of pets; 8, pet photography; 9, pet toys; 10, pet accessories; 11, pet ornaments etc..

pet store is very popular in the market, the development prospects of the industry is worth looking forward to, if you want to open a pet shop to have the conditions and related matters said more clearly, if there do not understand, welcome to consult.

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