From 0 to 1 innovative thinking in Entrepreneurship

From 0 to 1 innovative thinking in Entrepreneurship

when we talk about entrepreneurship, we must not leave the innovation two words. No innovation, entrepreneurship will be lost power ship, can only drift in the sea in the market, can not rely on their own efforts to move forward. The innovation is to realize "from 0 to 1" initiative.

From 1 to

Internet also gives the innovation and entrepreneurship education idea to select the very open space. Remember in the WeChat circle of friends had circulated a resignation start hamburger shop "article. The hero of the story, to give up the envy of the start empty-handed business, adhere to the "create their own catering brand" on the Internet, the dining area to create a name card. The courage to join the wave of the market, not just adhere to the victory, but also a way of thinking and ideas of success. In fact, the Internet is more open, more can attract creative people into the embrace, a big, young people’s vitality can be fully released. In fact, an Internet restaurant with a "0 to 1" gene, to achieve from scratch, it is also affecting a lot of people around.

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