Some opinions on the gradual decline of the circle of friends

Some opinions on the gradual decline of the circle of friends

circle of friends WeChat advertising is fire for a while, along with WeChat’s output, the great spirit surrounded marketing, the hair, the chicken soup chicken soup to recruit agents to recruit agents, a thriving signs, with the micro-blog ifheavier, various types of training, cosmetics the mask, taking more Jianfengchazhen, let all who can pick up the girl drool with envy that WeChat mobile phone to send advertising circle of friends as long as you can with a lot of money, time, you sing our debut, the WeChat thousand soft Wen is beyond count, dazzling, without a network of experienced people as if, in the circle of friends as long as an advertisement, tomorrow you can become rich handsome, then won the white Formica, toward the pinnacle of life; however, (but often is a 90°: a big turn, is it really that good? Do you still have a strong business?.

some of the basic ideas of

micro business sellers

first: you sell not only goods, or you. So before talking about marketing their own problems. But your consumption or acquaintance, make basic is the circle of acquaintance with the money, if you accidentally offend a friend, think about it, he is behind many acquaintances, everyone at least can affect more than 150 people circle of acquaintances.

second: do not believe that a month to sell one hundred thousand, hundreds of thousands of cases, who do who know. Nothing is so easy to earn money, do not understand this basic truth, do what business, so good money, the big boss, investors do not come early, you can turn to


third: product and adhere to is fundamental, the other is nonsense, I will not say, this is not good, but persistence is a doubt, many do network marketing or promotion friend does not know to what is going on, always thought that two ads can be, two or three days of fishing nets drying, my circle of friends is more, may be a good mood today, with dozens of pieces of advertising, tomorrow tired game over, as I said earlier, this two months, a lot of friends game over, did not see the recurrence of advertising. It is with the line of stores do business entity as the reason, you see what to do business or do not open the door every two or three days, a month can earn a lot of money


fourth: sellers is not the purpose of the formation of reputation, transformation network, form a cooperative, that is the future, this is mainly aimed at WeChat circle of friends, why? Because the circle of friends is different from Taobao, unlike other platforms, this transformation and turnover have more trouble, but also buy trouble, if you don’t have a good reputation no, acquaintances recommend and cooperation, you will be very difficult to sell your goods to the hands of strangers (think of Taobao, transaction security, credit evaluation is to solve these problems:


fifth: to ensure the security of customer funds are remitted, in fact is a we say, buy more trouble, is a difficult business acquaintances, others will certainly be.

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