Born four perfect breast respiratory health network female arch rival

Born four perfect breast respiratory health network female arch rival

free breast before bedtime.

2, the incidence of breast disease to a minimum. With the numbers above clinical statistics.

to breast health, please also let freedom is what breast breast breast not free? As we added many women charm since Needless to say, let us also breast torture the undeniable fact. Unlike other organs, we have a high demand for breasts. She wants her to tall, plump, CLEAVAGE, beautiful teardrop shape…… When the breast disease repeatedly captured our health fortress women remembered ask yourself a question on our breast is not too harsh?

rejected bra 4 time:

: a rough management SUDI bra

we say every day to liberate their own body, the best way is to start from the liberation of the breast. Do you know what kind of liberation will make you beautiful and not hurt? Let’s take a look at the protection of women’s breast new program.

French vocabulary Brassiere first appeared in the fashion magazine in 1907, since then, Bra has become a part of women’s Fashion. Women’s efforts to manage their chests with wire and lace are starting to grow. However, scientists have discovered the secret behind the high incidence of breast disease – 80% of women in the world are wearing inappropriate bra every day, wearing a bra more than 8 hours a day more likely to develop breast cancer.

to the breast relaxation 3 reasons

1, comfortable freedom. This is a big reason.

enjoy sleep:

chest main fabric, Lycra cloth, non-woven fabric cup light core, shoulder belt, elastic belt, steel wire, chest back hook, adjustable ring, strip, left wing, decorative flower, suture…… What are you talking about? – bra?! almost every woman with a bra to wear those who walked the crowded small parts that day. Can choose to give up the bra is a minority, although more comfortable. In order to obtain a beautiful pass, some people still at a knife, every day wearing a bra is what? But the clinical findings: Women bra more than 8 hours of chances of breast disease is two times more likely than others to wear every day.

this is not sensational. Incomplete statistics from the hospital breast clinic found that one in four women aged 25-45 years had different degrees of breast disease. The incidence of breast cancer anxious is rising. How much are these with us now for maintenance. Among them, Bra can not shirk its responsibility, especially the survey found that 80% of women wearing the right bra and not when not knowing, we have reason to refuse the bra, breast relaxation.

8 hours of sweet sleep to the breast for 8 hours the opportunity of blood flow, is the most basic of the binding of the day

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