The Arleigh ketchup face brand development process

The Arleigh ketchup face brand development process

, tomato, to tell the truth as southerners Xiaobian I was the first time I heard that, at first glance is a foreign brand that is China pasta, Zhengzhou unique pasta brand, are small with very limited knowledge and scanty information I. So let us work together to learn more about Ali ketchup face brand development process.

, tomato brand was born in 2005, the first home is located in the east of Denis Ali ketchup face department. At the same time also marks the birth of the Zhengzhou tomato industry, beginning with the occupation of Zhengzhou and Zhengzhou noodle pasta market. After 2006-2008 years, the urban development of Zhengzhou, Rice noodles shop 3, shop 12, ketchup face. In April 28, 2008, the flagship store opened in Dehua. So far, more than 50 brands bloom in Zhengzhou business district, more than 60 national franchise stores. The formation of the Central Plains fast food chain.

Ali ketchup face companies began to use the franchise business model from 2006, with the development and perfection of their own a few years, out of a suitable for their own development, build a win-win business model. Have direct and franchised stores, brand stores, more than 70 have so far. How to join Ali, Ali face tomato ketchup face jiamengfei, please visit the following website ketchup face.

, tomato ketchup face as the first brand, the brand visibility and reputation continue to improve, in the city of Zhengzhou has, in Henan province also has a very wide range of visibility. Unique brand charm, attracting a large number of consumer groups. Mr. Fu Jianjun, chairman of the board of directors and President Mr. Lu to take the community, return to the community as their own responsibility, and strive to build high-quality enterprises, establish a high quality brand image. Mr. Lu, President, love of literature and art, love life, had participated in CCTV’s "6+1" program, won the Henan TV station, "watch Star" contest champion, to participate in a number of film and television drama shooting. The entrepreneurial spirit and the artistic temperament is not only the introduction of organic Chinese traditional culture into the business, but also added a rich humanistic color and brand charm, with the brand.

, the tomato sauce is the main raw material of fresh tomatoes, tomato sauce, the quality of fresh tomato, carefully prepared through multi-channel. Its natural, nutrition and health characteristics, in line with the needs of modern consumption, was respected by consumers. The company has also established partnerships with provincial colleges, scientific research institutions, to employ the relevant food and nutrition experts, do more research on the nutrition of tomato, continue to listen to the feedback of the market, the development of more suitable for modern nutritional standards, new products, new flavors, the province became the most creative snack Sony, add the impetus of sustainable development for enterprises.

, with surface based on the Henan market, rooted in the Central Plains, firmly establish the brand – > o

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