Shen Xiulan’s way of doing business

Shen Xiulan’s way of doing business

again small shops, as long as we operate properly, in the current business community can also be recognized by consumers, so that shops have been booming business. Shen Xiulan’s shop is like this, the area is not large, the location is not good, but more than and 10 years of insistence, and now has been deeply loved by consumers.

the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region central defender has such a small shop, the owner Shen Xiulan is a very talkative person, speaking of business is very emotion. Ten years ago, Shen Xiulan and her husband in a new district began their entrepreneurial road. At the beginning, because the location is not very good, the business is more bleak, to shop for the relocation of the residents of the residents. With the continuous increase in residential occupancy rates, coupled with the practical integrity of Shen Xiu Lan management, store operators began to pick up.

Shen Xiulan is the first thing to get up every day to clean up the shelves and hygiene. Before the display of goods is more messy, she visited a lot of convenience stores and excellent modern retail terminal stores, their store of goods are re layout, will often sell items on the obvious and easy to take place, the more popular goods of reasonable classification. Through the careful design and layout, environment has in store to store more and more consumers.

brand cultivation, Shen Xiulan also has a set of their own methods. Take your cigarettes, for three days, Shen Xiulan changed the form of display, which greatly increased the visual sense of freshness, for the brand of cigarettes to cultivate a new path.

of course, almost all of the current can be a long-term operation of the shop, in the integrity of almost all have their own insistence. And integrity management is the motto of Shen Xiulan. She wrote a "scan code sales buy" signs on the counter, hundreds of kinds of goods will operate their own all the pieces of input system, scan code, realize the consumer consumption as clear as noonday.

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