Open cosmetics shop door decoration is critical

Open cosmetics shop door decoration is critical

we know, open a cosmetics shop is not easy, to consider a lot of problems, the decoration is a very worthy of our attention. In the design of the store, the design of the customer in and out of the door is an important part. How to go in, where to go, the need for the correct import, so that customers at a glance. General in the door of the design process should pay attention to the following aspects:

(4) store door materials. Shop door materials used in the past is the use of hard wood, wood can also be wrapped in the outer surface of aluminum or aluminum, the production of a simple. In recent years China has also started to use Aluminum Alloy material store, set species large glass windows and glass doors, transparent and advertising effect, because the door is light, durable, beautiful, safe, modern, so there is a popular trend.

for customers, if you want to enter a cosmetics shop, depends on a lot so in cosmetics store store image will also affect the rate of the customer into the store. Cosmetics shop door can be used without the frame of the whole glass door, the door is transparent, can let customers from outside the shop to see some of the furnishings, increase people’s desire to explore.


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