Yoga supplies ten brands list

Yoga supplies ten brands list

in a variety of aerobic exercise, yoga can be regarded as a very good sport, the prevalence of high. However, this exercise also requires a variety of professional supplies, which is the birth of the yoga supplies market. Here, the small series to introduce yoga supplies for the top ten brands list, so that people can choose to more suitable yoga supplies.

yoga supplies ten brands list, NO.1 Easyoga Seth – Bai International Fashion Apparel Co. Ltd Changzhou newwide:

comes from Taiwan’s high quality yoga mat brand, internationally renowned Yoga fashion brand, ten yoga mat brand, Xu Rong international fashion apparel Changzhou Co., ltd..

yoga supplies list of the top ten brands, NO.2 – he Luoyang Kazakhstan Network Technology Co., Ltd.:


is one of the largest domestic brand market share among the forefront of yoga, yoga, have China first product development laboratory, Luoyang Hatha Network Technology Co. ltd..

yoga supplies ten brands list NO.3, Yifanna Beijing Qingniao sports equipment manufacturing Co. Ltd.:

Taiwan yoga mat professional brand, worldwide best-selling brand in Taiwan yoga mat, yoga mat sales first, Beijing Qingdao Sports Equipment Manufacturing Co. ltd..

yoga supplies ten brands list NO.4, Nike Nike – Nike sports (China) Co., Ltd.:

in 1972, the United States, the world’s leading sporting goods brands, one of the world’s largest sporting goods manufacturers, large multinational group, Nike sports (China) Co., ltd..

yoga supplies ten brands list NO.5, Adidas Adidas – Adidas (China) Co., Ltd.:

was founded in 1948 in Germany, the world’s leading large-scale sporting goods manufacturers, the world’s leading sports brand, Adidas (China) Co., ltd..

yoga supplies ten brands list NO.6, HOSA Hosa – HOSA (China) Co., Ltd.:

China’s well-known trademarks, with the most complete indoor sports industry chain, the domestic swimwear industry iconic brand, Asia’s leading indoor sports brand, Hongkong HOSA group.

yoga supplies ten brands list NO.7, AIREX Aili – Si Ruian composite materials (China).

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