Breast cancer patients can keep breast early treatment of the most important ‘s health ne

Breast cancer patients can keep breast early treatment of the most important ‘s health ne

patients with breast conserving surgery must be combined with local radiotherapy to ensure the treatment effect, but more than a month after radiotherapy and related radiation damage to patients with a lot of physical and mental burden. In order to solve this problem, the introduction of radiotherapy technology China-Japan Friendship Hospital breast oncology center recently, simultaneous radiotherapy in surgery, some patients do not have to accept radiotherapy, provides a new treatment option for patients. They were the first to carry out the method of sentinel lymph node biopsy with fluorescent tracer method. Compared with the traditional method, the method has the advantages of high speed and high detection rate.

surgical method continuous improvement

, modified radical mastectomy (muscle sparing) become the dominant mode of operation. In simple terms, in the treatment of breast, the former requires removal of the "sick" breast conserving surgery, and often only resection of the lesion and surrounding tissue can be appropriate, clinical data suggest that early breast cancer patients with breast conserving surgery with postoperative radiotherapy can achieve the same with the traditional surgery for survival, and Paul breast surgical trauma, become easier to accept the way of breast conserving surgery.

used to treat breast cancer, is a classic radical mastectomy for breast cancer, the surgical removal of the diseased breast not only with pectoral muscle caused by thoracic serious deformation, plus axillary lymph node dissection caused by the shoulder joint function limitation and edema of upper limbs, cruel treatment of this at the expense of appearance and function to the majority of women leave fear has yet to heal, so many people refused surgery.

radical surgery may be

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is not suitable for patients with breast conserving, if the condition permits, breast surgeons can also cooperate with plastic surgery in resection of breast breast reconstruction can be completed at the same time, to avoid the local change of the removal of the breast caused psychosomatic impact on patients.

in axillary lymph node treatment, sentinel lymph node biopsy technique has been widely recognized, many patients to avoid bearing axillary lymph node dissection trauma caused by surgery and complications after breast cancer treatment has been visible from the early "life insurance" up to "function", "Paul beautiful" level, new technology more mature and gradually came into being.

in recent years, breast cancer has been ranked first in the list of women with cancer. Different from other cancers, breast cancer on the female body image caused by the damage, so many people have a strong fear of it.

Beijing, the annual increase in the number of women with cancer, 5 of the people who suffer from breast cancer is 1. According to Dr. Zhao Jin China-Japan Friendship Hospital breast center, increased the incidence of so many women have a strong fear of breast cancer, but in fact in a variety of malignant tumors, breast cancer research into the largest and the most advanced diagnosis and treatment, good curative effect, patients with early breast cancer 5 years survival rate is more than 90%, 10 year survival rate of nearly 90%.

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