Open the bakery before these issues you know it

Open the bakery before these issues you know it

bakery, this is also a lot of people are competing to join the project, because people enjoy a life experience. Open the bakery are you all ready in the shop, small to remind you that you know these problems? A pastry shop to make money? How to open a bakery? Pastry shop how to location? Today, a bakery open prospect and the location of Xiaobian introduce for you.

baking industry — twenty-first Century "gold industry" with the accelerated pace of social development and the improvement of people’s quality of life, bread, pastry with its convenient, nutritious and delicious, are accepted by more and more people, and gradually to the development of staple food. Can foreknow, bread, pastry industry is growing rapidly, in recent years there will be more people into the gold rush. According to the Chinese baking food industry association responsible person, nearly two years China Cake Bakery market showing a trend of rapid development, large supermarkets, small, the station appeared in different brands, different grades of Cake Bakery, only the Beijing area is 1500, annual sales of over 1 billion yuan, most of them in private. Flexible operation, fast development of the market, the average annual growth of nearly 10%. The baking industry is a "stunning" of the industry, many experts say Chinese bakery market has just started, there will be 30 years of spring! In recent years market performance also to the experts face, the annual national market capacity growth rate of nearly 30%, many in the western backward areas of growth rate even reached 50%. A pastry shop to make money? The baking industry is still in the three different days of the Greenwood era, no brand can only lead Chinese the entire market, a certain brand of even the country’s most influential, the market share is less than 3%. At present, in addition to Beijing, Shanghai, there is a slight competition between the brands, the rest of the market, the brand in the terminal sales can not feel the pressure of competition. The mainstream of the brand in the baking market reflects the "Hello, I’m good, everyone good" situation. Even a lot of the single shop in front of the "copycat bakery" also live very moist. The main street in the big city, the brand of Cake Bakery buildings, high rents, luxurious decoration, shop always People are hurrying to and fro. their profit margins and market prices, said Yu face.

bakery location at the three point:

convenience: if the location of the traffic is very convenient business will be more. Such as stations, docks, etc..

: the degree of competition in the district in the store with the nature of the business is more competitive. The Cake Bakery is belong to the general food, so the food related, fast food shops, restaurants, night market, roadside stalls, restaurants and other stores are Cake Bakery instead of the store, so this store less, then the cake bakery business is better, which is for how to manage the Cake Bakery, key also is to make it successful.

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