We have missed the opportunity to get eight

We have missed the opportunity to get eight

since the reform and opening up, our people have many great opportunities for riches, but most people do not have the courage to seize the opportunity, seize a part of "bold", so they become rich overnight, the reform and opening up has a group of people rich. In the face of transient chance of riches, you ready yet? This eight rich opportunity, we have missed.

the first chance of riches: the beginning of the 80s "speculators", the self-employed.

This opportunity is

was just the stock issue, the majority of people on this new thing to touch. In order to promote the stock, the government even in the name of red paper, according to the head of the distribution, requiring all units to eat national food, the cadres should take the lead in buying. Later, almost all of the shares listed on the skyrocketing, first invested in the stock market, a lot of people between the night is strange to millions or even tens of millions of billionaires.

third rich opportunities: mid 90s futures speculation.

after the stock boom short-term futures at low tide, appears to "brave man" and a wealth of opportunities for profiteering.

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