Differentiated precise support elite grassroots broke out a day

Differentiated precise support elite grassroots broke out a day

2016 JAC innovation and entrepreneurship work is better and better, more and more entrepreneurs and venture companies benefit from the policy. At present, the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" is the land boom surging, in the larger platform, higher level and wider range to promote entrepreneurship to create jobs.

"" entrepreneurial action plan in our province is the "" double "work is an important starting point, to enhance the quality of employment greater. According to the plan, the province will organize the implementation of the customer by dream, entrepreneurial navigation, entrepreneurial nesting and other eight projects, and strive to 3 years to drive more than 1 million employees.   "Lv Quan," in order to foster new venture group, our province based on increasing inclusive support, the implementation of differentiated precision support policies, not only highlights the high level talent, college students’ entrepreneurial elite group, innovation driven, and co-ordination of indomitable spirit "of migrant workers returning home and other grass-roots masses, realize the" overwhelming public business ".   "

"migrant workers in our province about 14000000 people, is an important source of public business, but also an important force to drive the urban and rural employment. We actively introduced the policy, in the light of its general trend, to encourage migrant workers returning home for business.   in 2015, the province has 34 thousand and 500 migrant workers return home entrepreneurship.   "Lu Quan said.

from the multi-channel "steady Gang Zeng Gang", to highlight the leading business park, bearing, the province is increasing entrepreneurship as economic growth to achieve business employment multiplier effect.

precise policies to support entrepreneurship, has brought opportunities for more and more entrepreneurs, provide a good atmosphere for the development of more and more enterprises believe that, under the guidance of the policy, the policy of Anhui province innovation will become better and better.


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