Children’s clothing store site selection reference

Children’s clothing store site selection reference

children’s clothing stores operators if you want to do well in the management of business, to choose a good location. How the location to the appropriate location? Xiao Bian finishing a number of site recommendations, hoping to help you find the ideal place to operate. If you are a novice, you need to learn, master more site selection skills.

1. is not as prosperous as possible. Especially for the first time in children’s clothing industry investors, if the first settled in the downtown area, probably because the investment is too large and stumbled.

2. supporting operation. If the children joined to the appropriate store that was not found in the downtown area, you can also try flat-share with others, both sides share a store. This will not only save the rent, but also under the same roof of the two industries, customer attributes and products can be complementary to the same words, but also can complement each other. Such as jewelry and children’s clothing store, bags and children’s clothing shop, are suitable for supporting the management of the project.

3. schools, kindergartens, children’s Palace near. A children’s clothing store near a primary school, although is alone, but the business is still good, the boss said, many parents will be the way to go to the children’s clothing store in children after school. Although it is random, but there are many successful business, shop has begun to increase revenue over the past year.

4. amusement park, McDonald’s, KFC near. It is a good choice to open a children’s clothing shop around McDonald’s, KFC and amusement park. First of all, in these places to choose the shop before have done a lot of detailed market survey, next to their shop, they can brand effect by "picking" some customers; secondly, holidays, parents often take their children to here, to do business.

5. large community neighborhood. Large community population concentration, flow stability, sudden sales will not fall, can guarantee the stable and lucrative shops; children of all ages have to sell what style or type of children’s choice is relatively easy, there will be more customers.

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