Do not Xianpinaifu shop

Do not Xianpinaifu shop

in our daily life often encounter such a person, really is "snobbish", with a very obvious. However, a man like this, the big side of the rest are relatively wealthy friends. To do business or so, is justified. So, the shop to do business really can not xianpinaifu.

not long ago, and friends go shopping, see the street corner there is a bright and spacious tea cigarette and liquor vendor of goods neatly, friends to enter buying two cigarettes. Initiative to inform the cigarette to buy, the boss casually responded to a sentence, "Oh, there are". Then, slowly to the shelf and smoke. And the boss is probably in a mood, he whispered about tidying up the counter boss, to put the cigarette into the side of the container, waiting for money. Seeing this, the friend shrugged makes a helpless expression to me.

smoke has been taken, and it is not to say not to buy, took the smoke is ready to pay, the friend’s phone rang. Because it is a businessman, she let the other side of the phone in the past two days a small sum of money remitted, the use of working capital. Friends after hanging up the phone, the shop owner suddenly like a new man, warmly invited us to sit down for a cup of tea, and deft hands down the cup of tea blister. Left a "boss", the right one "care".

at this time, some time ago a group of hot news footage in my mind: in a shabby old picking up old station at the jewelry counter selection of diamond ring, the salesperson to give him one by one carefully selected, finally, he spent many years of savings to buy a gold ring to give old with italy. The contrast makes me feeling heart: do business can not Xianpinaifu ah!

customers into the store regardless of rich or poor, are all potential consumers, the owner is not the attitude to the customer’s identity, status, how much money to hospitality. Rich people, nothing more than the demand for a higher level of goods, the purchase of a little more; poor even poor, the same thing is to buy things from the store, but also to bring revenue to the store. Just imagine, if at the time of picking up old businesses that can not afford to buy a diamond ring and indifference, perhaps do not deal.

since it is to open the door to do business, no matter how the identity of customers, economic strength, as long as they can afford to buy the products they need, which is the customer. If the owner of a one or two Xianpinaifu, loss of customers or "no big deal", if things go on like this if, would be a big loss. The department store in the guest ", different grades of goods require different types of consumers to buy, only" who are off, equally warm greeting customers into the store, patience for them, in order to retain customers, do business, do not let too poor love rich customer and stop.

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