Why do you have to wear a bra ‘s health network

Why do you have to wear a bra ‘s health network

why do you have to wear a bra?

bra can not only reflect the unique beauty of the curve, but also good for human health. But improper use can also affect human health, therefore, it is necessary to scientifically choose to wear a bra. At present, there are many kinds of bras on the market, which can be selected according to their own shape, fat and thin, season and breast development. The length of the bra straps should be appropriate and should be wider (not narrower than 2 – 3cm).

generally speaking, women in the breast development has been basically completed when wearing a bra is more appropriate. If you just entered puberty girls wearing a bra, will affect the normal development of the breast. When should I start wearing a bra?

(internship editor: Tan Shumei)

girl is 16-18 years old, thoracic and breast development is close to mature, or with the tape from the bottom to the bottom of the breast after breast nipple measurement, you should wear a bra on the distance is greater than 16cm. If the age is less than 16 years old and the breast distance is less than 16cm, it is not appropriate to wear bra. Because wearing a bra prematurely is not only in the development of uplift of the breast disadvantage, but also affect the future of milk secretion.

some people say that marriage is like shoes, in fact, more appropriate metaphor is that marriage is like underwear, obviously very good-looking, comfortable but only you know. Therefore, the choice of underwear should be like the selection of partners: we must know the known. The right bra, beautiful and comfortable and healthy, not suitable for the bra, ruined you have not discussed.

The ideal

bra should be in human activities just can hold up the breast, breast can try to limit activities without affecting the breath, leaving traces of oppression should not be removed after the skin. Therefore, when you go to the store to buy a bra, should first measure your chest, with the soft leather ruler along both sides of the lower edge of the breast a week around the chest measurement, the size of which is to buy a bra size. Bra size should be moderate, if too small, it will oppress the breasts and nipples, affecting the development of breathing and chest, breast, and bra is too large, it can not reach the support, protect the role of breast. In addition, the bra should be taken when sleeping, so as not to affect the respiratory and blood circulation.

, however, if the breast is fully developed without wearing a bra, but also on the development of breast. Because of the need to protect the fitness of the breast, wearing a bra in time is an ideal and simple method. Wearing a bra to protect the breast, and set off to support breast, smooth blood circulation, contribute to the development of breast; can reduce walking, exercise and labor when breast swing, prevent breast sagging; can promote breast fat accumulation, make breast more plump, but also to make up for the defects of small breast physiological.

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