Fujian will air the office of Minjiang North Central Business District

Fujian will air the office of Minjiang North Central Business District

in our daily life, if a person stay in the office area for a long time, is very detrimental to the health of the body, the first is from the ability to breathe fresh air. Walk into the lobby of 20 meters high, through one person and one card security gates, and then take a high-speed elevator, located in the office of dozens of floors instantly. With a cup of coffee, overlooking the magnificent 270° Jiang Jing, breathing the fresh air system to bring fresh air, a day of work on such a wonderful start. These are not the scene of modern urban drama, but the true portrayal of the central business district of the north shore of Minjiang.

with the Taijiang area of the two major business areas have been built, consisting of strait financial business district and the north shore of Minjiang central business district building "matrix" is a strong rise, become the city’s most high-end business office, the most intensive areas. Among them, the north shore of the central business district of Minjiang, all offices are super 5A.


5A class office building is the office building, the so-called 5A refers to the intelligent 5A, including OA (office automation system), CA (Communication Automation System), FA (Fire Automation System), SA (security automation system), BA (building automation system).

office in the 5A office is what kind of feeling? Enterprises can be assigned to the 5A office to enjoy the service on the tall? Reporters before the site visits, help you uncover the mystery of "5A".

quality professional services to win the favor of high-end enterprises

into the center of the Fuzhou overseas Chinese finance center hall, would like to take the elevator, you have to swipe the card through a security gate, and through the use of the ladder control system card, access to the jurisdiction of the floor. Property staff said, in order to ensure the user’s security and privacy, the building adopts the intelligent access control system and elevator control system, a card from the lobby entry and entry from the underground garage of the access control settings are different.

as a visitor, the reporter must first carry out a detailed registration in the lobby, and made by staff and respondents, in order to obtain a one-time temporary visitor card.

Changjiang Securities (000783, shares) Fuzhou branch responsible person, at the beginning of this year the company plans to set up headquarters in Fujian provincial branch, the province was investigated in a series of office buildings, decided to locate in the north of Minjiang’s central business district Rongqiao center. There is not only the hardware facilities of high quality, wide field of vision, the surrounding commercial facilities "awesome", more important is the safety and privacy protection is in place, so that enterprises and customers have a good experience, and this is very important in financial enterprises.

on fire safety, the office area is located in the business district are equipped with network static flooring, carpet and curtain wall is recommended, flame retardant

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